We don’t use a rigid checklist in selecting our team members, but we do look for a combination of attributes that provide a solid foundation for a successful consulting career at Dynamism Consulting. Outstanding Academic Achievement: Do you race up new learning curves, delight in complex problems and strive for fresh insight? Analytical: Do you quickly identify the heart of a problem, draw insight from rigorous analysis and use data to support unexpected solutions to difficult problems? Demonstrated Leadership: Do you inspire and motivate others? Leadership can take many forms, whether through school, work, extracurricular experiences or other passions. Collaborative Approach: Do you share facts, insights and interact effectively with different personalities and cultures? The ability to work effectively with a team is key to your success at Dynamism Consulting. Intellectual Curiosity: Do you have a passion for learning? At Dynamism Consulting, learning happens every day. Reach out to us if this sounds like you.

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