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Welcome to the Dynamism Auto page. There are no vehicles for sale on this website, auto financing available, or other related auto dealership services. This website was originally built to demonstrate how Messenger can be used to reach over a billion users in the new or used auto dealership industry. The best way to experience this is to access this website from your PC or tablet versus from your phone. The purpose of this is you will be using your phone to interact with this website.

Imagine what your clients go through in searching for a new vehicle. They have done their research on the internet, talking with their family and friends, and now it’s time for them to kick some tires on your lot.

The best way to connect with your internet savvy clients is to arm them with information to build their trust. To do this, have them use their mobile phone to scan a QR code that opens Messenger.

That’s right! Imagine a QR code, like the ones below, on every vehicle on the lot.

After scanning the code, it will reply with information on that vehicle. Think of the potential with this alone to reach clients that stop after business hours.

There is no longer a need for a salesperson to race out on the lot, you have already provided all the information they need to answer their questions and build their trust. The win for you, you have their Messenger information so you can continuously follow up with them.

Using a QR Code scanning tool on your phone, scan the QR Code to the left. If you do not have a QR Code or do not know if you have one, ask Siri/Google to load it for you.

After you scan the QR Code, Messenger will open and display information about the vehicle that is displayed.

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