Chatbot Healthcare

Setting the industry standards in AI-Chatbot healthcare.

Our Mission Is to Integrate People with Technology to Achieve Seamless Processes

Using the latest in technology, integrating technology with how people interact with each other is coming easier. Unfortunately, the healthcare industry is not moving as swiftly as the technology. This is where Dynamism Consulting will step in so the healthcare industry can leverage our experience.


Real-Time Results

When the patient or colleague is interacting with a chatbot, the responses and notification are instantaneous.


Lower FTEs

Automating responses can allow FTEs to be utilized to what’s more important, taking care of the patients. 


HIPAA Compliant

Yes, using chatbots are HIPAA and GDPR compliant. 


Improve Patient Satisfaction

Obtain real-time feedback! Chatbots can be used for everything from rounding to when the patient is discharged. 



Chatbots can integrate with over 1,000+ applications. Think about how to receive information in your event tracking system.


24/7/365 Reliability

The Healthcare industry is 24/7/365 and you need a tool that will align with that. 

How We Are Impacting The Healthcare Industry

Chatbots can be used throughout the Healthcare system and then centralize the data to tell the complete story. 

Clinical Care

Have QR codes in the waiting room on table tents informing the patients the can use communication in real-time with their doctor, submit feedback or schedule their next appointment.

Specialized Practices

Each specialized provider can have their own chatbot or integrate their chatbot with multiple Healthcare systems. This can provide a great FAQ for patients to interact with and also able to get their questions answered.

ED Visits

ED visits can decline patient satisfaction scores quickly! Take control of the issue before it gets out of control. Have QR codes available to obtain real-time feedback from the patient.


One fo the objectives of chatbots is to make the data intake process simple. What if patients and/or patients guardians were able to provide hourly (rounding) updates and provide feedback on discharge?

Compliance Hotline

Chatbots integrate easily in marketing campaigns and websites. Integrate the compliance hotline link on the Healthcare Systems website to allow the chatbot to obtain the information. Feedback can be routed to the correct department then.


There are so many uses of chatbots… If you can imagine it, it can probably be executed. Why spend money on multiple applications costing $100,000’s when there is a more affordable option available?

Better Health Care is Our Mission

24/7/365 reliability. Setting the Healthcare industry standards in AI-Chatbots.