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Does your local Newspaper or Messenger contain the most subscribers?

Your local newspaper at one time was the way businesses advertised to be in front of their clients. Times have changed, Messenger, also known as Facebook Messenger, contains over 1.3 billion users. If you are not using Messenger to seek new clients and to engage your existing clients, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities. If you don’t believe me, Facebook is also informing businesses of this new normal. Newspaper circulation is the lowest since the 1940s and the trend is a downward slope as shown in the graph.

Besides Messenger having the most users, businesses can customize their targeted audience with a plethora of options with the Facebook campaign tools. Businesses are able to target audiences in specific demographic areas, age, gender, job titles, and the list continues.

If this was not enough of a reason to switch your marketing campaigns to using Messenger, businesses can automate most of the backend work with automation. This is typically called Messenger Automation, Messenger Bot, or a ChatBot. This is where businesses can excel from their competition by growing their client base and lowering their overhead. This opens many opportunities that will not be shared here.

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