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Real Estate Chatbots Explained

There are some myths and misconceptions about chatbots. Let’s discuss the facts and provide you with resources about chatbots in the real estate industry.

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What is a Chatbot?

Future of Chatbots

Chatbot Benefits

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program that will respond and/or guide a human through various channels of communication. The power of a chatbot comes in the form of automating tasks that consume our time. Chatbots will be able to execute without taking a break 24/7.

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Not All Chatbots Are Equal

A building structure could be used for a commercial purpose, industrial, or even a residential building. Depending on where the building was built, designed, and functionality. The same can be said for chatbots. There are chatbots that can only be interacted with your clients from your website. There are chatbots that use keywords to interact with your clients and there are Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms used to interact with your clients. There are also different platforms that you can develop chatbots; i.e. Messenger and WhatsApp.

Depending on where you are primarily doing business and your clientele will determine which chatbot to use. Our experience has shown that most businesses in the United States, Canada, and Australia will benefit from Messenger. WhatsApp is popular in India, Brazil, and Mexico. Technology is developing rapidly for all businesses to be available on both platforms to meet all of your client’s needs.

Dynamism Consulting ManyChat Agency Partner Messenger Chatbot Bot
Future Of Chatbots

Before the internet, real estate agents were posting ads in the local newspaper to promote their homes for sale. Magazine publications soon followed where home buyers could browse home listings. One thing a real estate agent needs to do is adjust with the times to communicate with their buyers and sellers.

Text messaging has become the choice of the younger generation on how to communicate with each other. Those of you that have children, how many times they would text you a long conversation verse picking up the phone to call you or walk out of their bedroom to talk with you face-to-face?

This platform has allowed development on the backend for automation; also known as a chatbot. Focusing on Facebook’s Messenger and WhatsApp, these two platforms are driving how consumers are texting each other and how businesses can connect with these consumers. The internet has allowed realtors to connect with buyers and sellers using different platforms. Chatbots is the platform that will allow real-time communication and drive conversions.

Real Estate Chatbot Benefits

The benefits you will experience will expand beyond what is provided below. We are only highlighting the common benefits that real estate agents value to streamline their day-to-day tasks.


Real-time Communication

Clients today want real-time answers to their questions.


24/7 Availability

You cannot be available 24/7, but your chatbot can be available 24/7.


Providing solutions in multi-languages expands your audience.

Schedule Showings

Have the client schedule showings to their schedule.



Provide answers to your buyers/sellers to free up your time.


From sending disclosures to populating your CRM, automate everything.

Real Estate Chatbot Example

Sometimes it is best to experience something firsthand. This is why we have provided several examples of how a real estate agent can use chatbots.

Try the real estate example for yourself!

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